From canopies to protect your car, to a canopy to cover your outdoor furniture, to a shade for over your pool, has it all. King Canopy makes a range of products that will improve your home by keeping the worst that the sun can do away. Let sun damage be a thing of the past.

I never thought that I could improve my swimming pool with a little shade, but the sun sail that I got from was exactly what I needed. Unlike a regular canopy, the sail is anchored to posts, so it doesn't have a bunch of legs taking up space. And the shade it provides means that I don't get sunburned while I'm out swimming and keeps my water from getting bath water hot.

When it comes to innovative ways to improve my outdoor living space, I found everything I was looking for here: The best part is that all of the King Canopies are temporary structures, so I don't have to make a change to my home that I might not like after a few years. Which is just perfect when I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for or what I need.